Alison Northup, CC BY 4.0

Lonicera ciliosa

Orange Honeysuckle

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One of our few native vines, and one of the showiest. Orange Honeysuckle is a climbing or creeping deciduous vine growing up to 20 ft. long with oval or egg-shaped leaves and red-orange-yellow flowers. Like other honeysuckles, the leaf pair nearest the flower is fused into one, and the long trumpet-shaped flowers are specially adapted to pollination by hummingbird beaks. This vine blooms on the previous year's wood. The flowers develop into a circular cluster of bright red berries that are beneficial to all kinds of wildlife. The berries are edible by humans, too, but not especially tasty. Orange Honeysuckle is a beautiful, well-behaved vine; and a must-have for any hummingbird or wildlife garden.

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