Adelinia grandis - Pacific Hound's Tongue

Adelinia grandis

Pacific Hound's Tongue

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From Calscape:

[Adelinia grandis] is a species of flowering plant in the borage family known by the common name Pacific hound's tongue. It is native to western North America from British Columbia to California, where it grows in shady areas in woodland and chaparral. ... It is a perennial herb producing an erect stem 30 to 90 centimeters tall from a taproot. The leaves are mostly located around the base of the plant, each with an oval blade up to 15 centimeters long held on a petiole. The flower cluster is a panicle of flowers on individual pedicels. Each five-lobed flower is bright to deep blue with white appendages at the center. It is 1 to 1.5 centimeters wide. The fruit is an array of four slightly bristly nutlets.

Klamath-Siskiyou Region
Other names
Cynoglossum grande, Adelinia grande